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Green Stiletto

Green stiletto is not a drink that needs much explanation. This drink came about after realizing the sweetness and tanginess of a ripe kiwi and the sweetness of elderflower amd tanginess of the lime. This is the perfect after work, before dinner, or even a brunch cocktail. Like, Share and Subscribe!!!

- 1/2 Kiwi

- 4 Mint Leaves

- 1/2 oz lime juice

- 1/4 oz simple syrup

- 1 oz Elderflower

- Champagne

Add kiwi, mint leaves, simple syrup and lime juice into a shaker and muddle. Add elderflower with ice and shake. Double strain into a champagne glass. Top with Champagne and garnish with kiwi wheel and sprig of mint

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Feb 19, 2021


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