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How will my staff be dressed?

Bartenders are dressed to suit your specific event. Our uniform consists of an either white or black short sleeve collared polo shirt with our Precious Bartending Logo, black slacks and work safe shoes. For more formal events, we come prepared with the classic white or black button up collared shirt, black slacks and work safe shoes (no sneakers or work boots). Ties, vests, and suspenders can be worn at request. Additionally, if your event is more festive, we can accommodate to by wearing outfits or props that are more suitable to your festivities such has holiday or themed events. All of these can be discussed during your phone consultation.

Who is responsible for making sure that guests do not have too much to drink?

While all of Precious Bartending employees are trained in alcohol awareness, the host of the event is ultimately responsible for all invited guests and their actions. Upon arrival, staff is required to introduce themselves to host, point of contact, or security of the event to ensure we are aware of who to inform we feel are intoxicated. Precious Bartending reserves the right to refuse service to any guest(s) who appear to be intoxicated per our judgment. Additionally, Precious Bartending does not serve anyone under the legal age of 21 regardless of event venue or parental consent.

How do I reserve my event date with Precious Bartending, LLC?

You can reserve your date by clicking on our "Book Online" link and completing the request form. Please note that if your date is blocked out or listed as not available, you are welcome to contact us via email or phone to see if we are able to accommodate but there can be no guarantee. A Non-Refundable retainer of 40% of your total is required at the time of the contract signing to reserve the date and time of your event.

Is gratuity included?

Tips are customary in the bartending business and are made on the judgement of our service and professionalism. We understand that each client might view specific standards of gratuity differently so we offer the following two options: 1. Allow a tip jar to be placed on the bar for guests. 2. "Hosted Gratuity" There will be no tip jar and the host is given the opportunity to provide gratuity at the end of the event.

What type of payment do you accept?

Remaining payment is accepted via Cash or Card Card payment through PayPal. Clients are also given the option to pay via Cashapp or Venmo. Full Payment or any Balance owed for "package options" is expected to be paid no later than one week prior to the event. 

What if I change my event date?

In the event that any event is postponed due to reasons beyond the control of the client, a date can be rescheduled within 30 days. If the date is rescheduled within 30 days, the security will be applied to that date.

*A bartender will only be put on reserve upon receiving both retainer in addition to COMPLETED online form.

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